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October 2001

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Wyants, October 2001

The Family Is All Together

It is such a happy time when Dave and Cindy, who live in Arizona, come home. It is truly quality time and we have lots of fun. Notice in this picture that Sara, almost 13 years old, is taller than Grandma. Alexis is growing, too. She is almost 4 years old. All of these pictures were taken between October 5 and 12, 2001.

All of the family were here for a wiener roast Saturday night including Sara's friend, Jess and Steve's long-time friend, Bob Mikels and his wife Linda. We always considered Bobby as our fourth son since he was at our house so much when he was young. He and Linda now live in Canada and just happened to be in town for the weekend.

Weiner Roast
Country Road

Dave and Cindy went with us on our usual neighborhood walk. This dog always comes out to meet us with a smile on his face and walks a short distance with us. We call him "Smiley". Tuesday was Maggie's day off and Greg took a vacation day so we all went to Turkey Run for a fun day.

Turkey Run
Turkey Run
Beautiful Fall Day
The ladders
The trail
We Can Do That

Just being around home was fun, too. We had some great amateur volleyball games. Dave networked our computers and did a lot of other work on them while Cindy and I kept up on the world news. Also, in the evenings we tended to stay up late playing some pretty competitive "Spades" card games.

Dave,Cindy,Millie,Greg,Sara Dave

Friday we met Greg for a nice lunch downtown on the canal. He had to go back to work but the rest of us explored White River Park and had fun making fun of the sculptures. The first one was titled "O" and that's what we said when we saw the rest of them because you couldn't tell what they were supposed to be until you read the signs.

Ralph,Dave,Cindy,Millie,Steve,Greg Steve,Cindy,Dave,Millie
Steve,Cindy,Dave,Millie Steve,Dave,Cindy,Sara,Alexis,Maggi,Greg,Millie

Dave and Cindy bought pizza for all of us Friday night. They had to leave at 7:38 the next morning and because of the heavy security (due to the terrorist attacks on September 11) had to be at the airport two hours early. We hated to see them leave. Boo Hoo