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July 11-18, 2015

This is the 30th year of our reunion. Thirty years ago, Paul and Evie had no children but a sweet little baby who they would name Rene' was in Evie's tummy that first year. This same Rene' has only missed one reunion and this year is here with husband, Austin, and their 3 month old baby, Hope Evelyn. Travis was a new baby the second year and has never missed a reunion. These are surely some kind of records. Spending this week with nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and great-great nieces and nephews every year and sharing the changes in their lives has been such a family joy and blessing.

Two new members were added to the family. Kim married Grant in April and Hope was born in April.

Vickie's cake
The Newbys
Oldest 88, Youngest 3 months

The porch is a gathering place to get caught up.

Andy and Em live in Texas now.

Kim and Grant honeymooned in Scotland.
Last night, Lucy and Anne stayed in their old home in Montreat.

Carla and Dave vacationed in Florida last week.

Dottie visited Paul and Evie last week and earlier visited Israel.
Travis never missed from babyhood to handsome young man.

He's trying to make "Popi" her first words.

Competition from Mommy and Grandma.

Great grandma and great-great aunts love her, too.

My sweet kids are retired.

Paul Kendall Family.

Mothers (all 80+ years old) and daughters.

Beautiful people.

Greg found a way to grow hair.

Special friends.

Lots of good eats

Breakfast whenever you get up.

"Chunky Monkey" pancakes are a favorite.

Coffee and daughters in our room before breakfast.

The Wades, Fran and Don , Donnie and Jen had delicious meals too but I didn't get pictures

Barbecue sandwiches when arriving Saturday.

Carla and Dave's dinner was good.

Paul, Evie, Vickie Stan had a good meal.

The youngest went first.

Sometimes the oldest go first.

Hang around talking after dinner.

We girls like to look pretty.

Pick your color.

This started back when it was such a treat for little girls.

A first for Cindy.

Adventures and fun stuff.

Train dominoes is popular.

Kids like cards.

Checked out Helen, Georgia..

Checking out this 17 mile adventure.

Suited up and ready to go.

Piece of cake?

Are we lost?

A pretty waterfalls along the way.

Could 911 find us back in here?

A couple of contests of boys against girls, a scavenger hunt for younger ones.

Boys won the scavenger hunt.

It took longer but girls got everything.

So everyone got a medal.

Dottie and I had a treasure hunt for the 3rd generation, the treasure being ice cream and losers serve winners.

9 clues and the boys were quickly getting them all.

Girls hit a snag.

The boys loved this, giving girls all kinds of trouble.

We enjoyed the beautiful lake here.

Rickie and Miranda's new boat.

The Wade's boat is here, too.

Oh No!

A ride in Rickie's new boat.

The young ones in front.

Alexi, Levi and Liam enjoying the raft ride.

Dave and Cindy's first time on a tube.

Fun on the rope swing.

Brave little Alexi.

It's a canoe, not a whale!

Lucy gets a s'more party together.

So yummy!

I don't have pictures of all the fun stuff others did but hope you all enjoyed the week as much as I did.